Tour to Barcelos and meet the Roaster

In the seventeenth century, when a devotee from Santiago was traveling to Santiago and crossing Barcelos, it was a time that a crime was commited and the criminal was not discovered. The walker thus fell in the suspicions of the population and the judge even ended up condemning him to be hanged in the pillory of the city, during a dinner in which in the table was a rooster already roasted and ready to be eaten. The pilgrim of Santiago, in the last attempt, to make them believe that he had not been the author of the crime for which he was to be hanged, told the Judge that as soon as is hanging would be done, that rooster already prepared to be eaten, would sing. And before this prophecy the Judge ordered that the pilgrim should be hanged immediately and as soon as the rope was put to him the rooster got up and sang and the pilgrim was released and thus proved his innocence.

In the Archaeological Museum of Barcelos there is a monument called the Lord of the Rooster in praise of the Virgin Mary and St. James the Greater.

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