Taurus, Libra & Cancer: Hufflepuff

Taurus: Hufflepuff

Quite different from Gryffindor, Hufflepuffs do not need or particularly want to be in the spotlight. They thrive on being supportive, good-hearted, reliable people, just Taureans. Cedric, Ernie and Hannah were all Hufflepuffs in the stories. They tend to be by the book people that don’t reach for riches but instead live a humble life. They can like a Taurus, sometimes lack drive as they aren’t workaholics. Just like a Taurus, the element of the Hufflepuff house is earth which means they are practical and literal people who tend to do what they say. A Taurus certainly displays the loyalty of a Hufflepuff as well.

Unfortunately, there are no major Taurean characters in the Harry Potter series, but that’s probably because most Taureans are too practical to make a show of themselves, their hard work, and their skills, unlike the series’ three Gryffindor protagonists.

Libra: Hufflepuff

The fun-loving social butterflies of the astrology signs, Libra, fit nicely into Hufflepuff house. Hufflepuffs and Librans are both known to prioritize their friendships and to become particularly troubled when their friends are struggling. This demonstrates the loyalty and patience Hufflepuffs are best known for. Librans walk to the beat of their own drums and are certainly more interested in social justice and doing the right thing than being famous or powerful, just like Hufflepuffs. Both Hufflepuffs and Librans are typically friendly, jovial people by nature.

Minerva McGonagall, head of Gryffindor house and Headmaster Dumbledore’s right hand, may not be a Hufflepuff herself, but as a Libra (born Oct. 4), she still demonstrates the fairness and patience Hufflepuff house values so highly.

Cancer: Hufflepuff

Just like Cancer, Hufflepuffs are known to be wise with vast knowledge beyond their years. Cancers are known as the old souls of the astrology signsbecause of their strong intuitive abilities that allow them to deeply understand emotions and how people work. Cancers and Hufflepuffs often try to do all the work themselves without asking for help because their relationships and their work are integral to their identities.

There are no major Cancer characters in the Harry Potter series, likely because of their preference for support roles that do not call attention to themselves. Next time you’re in the Hufflepuff Common Room, ask around and find out how many of the students there are Cancers!

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