If Portugal was easy to discover we wouldn´t  need to show you the beauties of our land, it would be enough  to provide you a driver that could take you to anywhere and bring you back safely.With our programs and guidance you have comfort, safety and you can choose OFF THE BEATEN PATH 

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Our lab is like an advisory service for organizing and suggest routes and sites to visit and to know covering mainly Northern Portugal area, but also  center region and our long experience enables us to consider Lisbon, Alentejo and Algarve, and also Madeira and Azores Islands, where we are able to give you the best advise.

we open that door for u

What is it that makes a country so special? What makes you feel at home and stay in your heart for ever? Is it the sites you’ve seen, the landscapes you admire? the food you ate, the history you explore in churches, bridges, museums, castles? or is it simply the people, the genuine portuguese people, smiling, with warming embraces, strangers that turn into friends and family? the lunches that became diners and the sunsets that led to sunrises?

Location is everything

Tell us your travel plan your purposes and main interests. Beaches, surf, mountains, nature, walk trails, wines and wineries or foods, riding horses or motor bikes, playing golf or tennis, bird watching, gardens of flowers or forests of trees, history architectural styles, museums, churches, stadiums…living adventures, lying in the sun until brownish chocolate. the questionary must be answered to allow our lab to prepare your specific program of stay, scheduled day by day, moment by moment with the best advise, organisation and adjusting perfectly to your targets.

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