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If Portugal was easy to discover we wouldn´t  need to show you the beauties of our land, it would be enough  to provide you a driver that could take you to anywhere and bring you back safely.

But if you discover our country with our guide you will find the sites that are not shown at Google.

Worlds of innovation

Our lab is like an advisory service for organizing and suggest routes and sites to visit and to know covering mainly Northern Portugal area, but also  center region and our long experience enables us to consider Lisbon, Alentejo and Algarve, and also Madeira and Azores Islands, where we are able to give you the best advise.

we open that door for u

What is it that makes a country so special?What makes you feel at home and stay in your heart for ever? Is it the sites you’ve seen, the landscapes you admire? the food you ate, the history you explore in churches, bridges, museums, castles? or is it simply the people, the genuine portuguese people, smiling, with warming embraces, strangers that turn into friends and family? the lunches that became diners and the sunsets that led to sunrises?

Location is everything

Tell us your travel plan your purposes and main interests. Beaches, surf, mountains, nature, walk trails, wines and wineries or foods, riding horses or motor bikes, playing golf or tennis, bird watching, gardens of flowers or forests of trees, history architectural styles, museums, churches, stadiums…living adventures, lying in the sun until brownish chocolate. the questionary must be answered to allow our lab to prepare your specific program of stay, scheduled day by day, moment by moment with the best advise, organisation and adjusting perfectly to your targets.

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I’m Dreamkeeper, a tourist agent that create a new project to reveal the Porto City area where J.K. Rowling created the Harry Potter legend. For that purpose I use a classic car that goes with the oldtimers of 20th century, when the little magician was being created in the author’s imagination.
We visit all the places where Harry Potter was, even before being born himself. And the magic starts in the Cordoaria  Garden’s which had in that time moving trees that talked between them through big mouths and shaked their branches as they were arms.
We will arrive soon to the bookstore that became the library of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, with a fast track entrance special for our group, and saving us waiting hours in the queue.The number of countries that have their own magical school is greatly reduced. The wizards normally choose the option of home schooling like in my own case. Occasionally, too, there are correspondence courses at a more cost-effective means of educating for the young sorcerer apprentices. With centuries schools have come and gone, and they are difficult to keep track of, and are rarely registered. An approved magical school in our town is still aggregate to International Confederation of Wizards Educational Council.
The precise location of the Portuguese school is a closely guarded secret. The school fear the sad fact that at various times in their long history, had been buffeted by the effects of wizard wars from both the foreign and domestic magical communities.  As a general rule, magical schools tend to be situated in landlocked, mountainous areas, that we can show you in another day and another trip, as such regions are difficult for Muggles to access without permission.

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