Jorge Porfirio is the leader and mentor of this project. His vast travel experience has led him to travel through 46 countries and across all continents, which has allowed him to author 6 travel books published on  

Connected for more than 40 years to motorsports was champion motoring in 1977 and motorcyclist of the year in 2006. Dozens of crossings of the Sahara desert driving 4×4 cars and motorcycles in groups gave him an incomparable charisma. Now he organizes annual events of Off-Road motorcycles and exhibitions of classics cars and motorcycles.

 He has dedicated himself to Tourism in the last 2 years and organizes tours through the interior of Portugal that he knows as the palm of his hands.

So tell us your travel plan your purposes and main interests, white sand beaches, big waves to surf, mountain trails and nature, walk trails, riding horses or motor bikes, playing golf or tennis, wines and wineries or foods and superb meals, bird watching, gardens of flowers or forests of trees, history architectural styles, museums, churches, stadiums, living adventures, cable slide, tree course, alpine coaster, canoeing, canoe raft, water trekking, archery, tree climbing or just lazy lying in the sun to get a brown chocolate colour, is up to you. 


Enjoy a Convertible Fiat Punto Bertone on a city tour

cabriolet (convertible) version is available; built by Bertone in Europe, and it’s now a classic from italian design. Available in  86 hp (64 kW) 1.2-L 16v FIRE unit).  The fictionalized world of a Bertone car ownership has allowed gearheads for generations to bask in the glory of what might one day be if they were ever to get behind the wheel of the Italian masterpiece. 

Or If you're in a group, choose comfort, and style.

In order to better serve our customers, we use the most appropriate vehicles for each situation, depending on the number of passengers, the distances to be traveled, the space required for the luggage, and even the roads included in the routes.

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