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Surfing is back in Portugal

Surfing is back in Portugal! Recently, the Portuguese government answered positively for a request from the Portuguese Surfing Federation (FPS) and allowed the coming back of surfing to the Portuguese beaches. The country took the right measures to minimize the spread of COVID-19. As a result, it was one of the least affected countries in Western Europe and one of the first to end the lockdown. 

Lately, surfing has been an important element in promoting Portugal as a leading tourism destination. Surfing lessons have played an essential role in this process. In addition to the reopening of the beaches, the next step was to allow surfing schools back to its activities. 

Of course, safety measures must be observed. In partnership with the NGO Doctor of the World, the FPS drafted a Guide to Good Practices addressed to associated Clubs and Schools. Among other actions, the schools are taking only pre-booked lessons (online or by phone).   They are all well established and experienced professionals. And, of course, they are following all safety procedures laid down by the authorities. 

Don’t miss the opportunity; book now your surfing class in the best surf spots in Portugal, and enjoy the feeling of gliding through the waves.  

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