Legend of Gaya

Legend of Gaia Legend has it that King Ramiro II, who lived around the 10th century, had heard of the beauty and kindness of a Moorish sister of Alboazer Alboçadam, the lord of the lands of Gaia to Santarem. This Alboazer had many fights with King Ramiro II. As King Ramiro II wanted to stay with the Moor whom he was in love with, he made peace with Alboazer. So he asked his brother the Moor in marriage. He did not consent, for King Ramiro was already married and had children. The king was angry and one night with the help of his soldiers he kidnapped the Moorish and managed to take her to Leon. He baptized the Moorish and gave it the name of Artiga. The Alboazer was very angry with the king Ramiro and ordered to kidnap all his family, the Queen and children. He led them to his palace in Gaia. When Dom Ramiro was informed, he was furious and vowed revenge. He rejoined his troops and came to try to recover his family. When he arrived near the palace he had the troops hidden and he disguised himself as a beggar. He managed to send a message to the Queen to enter the palace. After entering he deceived his enemy and managed to call all his troops and fought a great battle. He took the whole family to a boat and made their way to Leo. The Queen cried a lot for the lord of Gaia whom King Ramiro had killed. The king did not like it and ordered the queen to be thrown into the sea, with a stone at her throat. When King Ramiro came to Leon again he married the beautiful Artiga who was now a Christian.

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