Astrology Signs in Ravenclaw House:

Virgo: Ravenclaw

Earth sign Virgos would make wonderful additions to the Ravenclaw house. The resourcefulness and intelligence Virgo is known for are is shared by all Ravenclaws. Ravenclaws live in their minds and can get so caught up in ideas that they get lost in their work – something Virgos experience all too often. Virgos and Ravenclaws understand that intelligence comes in many forms and no one person can possess all knowledge. That, however, won’t stop a Virgo or a Ravenclaw from trying!

Hermione Granger, although sorted into Gryffindor, is a Virgo (born Sept. 19). If you’re familiar with the books, however, you might remember that during Hermione’s Sorting, she experienced a hatstall, the term for any student whose Sorting takes longer than five minutes. This phenomenon occurs rarely, approximately once every fifty years. Hermione’s hatstall was as a result of the Sorting Hat’s indecision over sorting Hermione into either Gryffindor or, you guessed it, Ravenclaw!

Aquarius: Ravenclaw

The wisdom and creativity of Ravenclaw house are evident in eclectic, big-picture-minded Aquarius. Aquarians also demonstrate the independence Ravenclaws are known to have, and both Ravenclaws and Aquarians often struggle to ask for help! They share the element of Air, which means they are highly cerebral, idealistic people who can get carried away on the wings of a big dream. Their idealism is very altruistic, but Ravenclaws and Aquarians alike do need to keep their egos in check as they can often think of themselves as superior outsiders from the masses. That said, the heart and spirit of these wise people remind us that often, the pen is mightier than the sword.

Unsurprisingly, Luna Lovegood is both an Aquarius (born Feb. 13) and a Ravenclaw. Harry’s mother Lily Potter (née Evans), born Jan. 30th, was also an Aquarius, although she belonged to Gryffindor.

Pisces: Ravenclaw

Creative, empathetic Pisces fits best into Ravenclaw house. Pisceans tend to have the characteristics of a visionary, and their appreciation for the arts and beauty allows them to combine intellect with art flawlessly. Ravenclaw house is particularly inspired, encouraging imaginations to soar while seeking the ideas that will bring joy and growth to society. As a Mutable sign, Pisceans are also very versatile, flexible, and adaptable; their ability to think on their feet is typical of many Ravenclaws.

Although sorted into Gryffindor, Ron Weasley is a Pisces (born March 1) – although he would not be the best example of the Ravenclaw temperament. Professor Remus Lupin (born March 10), on the other hand, demonstrates adept intellect while being integral to Harry Potter’s emotional development, two things that are important to Ravenclaws and Pisceans alike.

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