Santa Claus

Dear Santa Claus

For many years now I have not written you to ask for my Christmas wishes, and I am no longer young, now almost 63 years old, to believe in Santa Claus, but deep down I always wanted to believe that you exist, tonight I had a meeting with my Santos Santa Claus who died on May 1st, 1994, and I continue to meet him many times especially and more often when I am dreaming, and today I barely got up and met my daughter, who came to tell me that she had dreamed of me this very night and I am her father, or not? … This is not rationally valid so that everyone will now believe in Father Christmas or Santa Claus, but for those who want it may even be entirely true. And I want more and more to believe in Santa Claus, and if all of us still make an effort every year to make the children believe in Santa Claus, why shouldn’t I also believe, since what the world is made of, is done by us and by our thoughts, the world is what we make of it. It’s a bit complicated to be basing these concepts on hard heads and soft thoughts like ours, but it’s also true that I hear everyone saying that must have a more open, more creative and more up-to-date mind. Now if we practice these social guidelines that give us through social networks and the media and we continue to insist on reliving Christmas every year, I decided to return this year to believe in Santa Claus. Whoever is with me who believes, or who does not, wanting me to close my head and think and liquidate Santa Claus is free to do it.

So my wishes for this Christmas are:
That end the strikes of all sectors because they are harming everyone and making the country suffer and all because of money. And nowadays money is something that exists in the virtual, just like your Father Christmas or Santa Claus, and so the international financial balances that we all talk about and many of us do not understand have no reason to continue to exist. It’s all virtual, same as 3D glasses, and the computer games we give kids to play virtual soccer, or to make virtual wars.

Secondly, I want all those who are fleeing from their countries at war, to go back and make a revolution that will end with dictators, rulers, armies and armaments, all at once and thus end wars and no more talk about it.

Thirdly and finally I want you to bring me a van like this one from the photo so that I can take more and more people to walk around and get to know my beautiful country that is Portugal.
And Father Christmas live.

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