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Experience a day in wild nature, walking 10 kms down the river in a walking tour. Includes waters and picnic lunch at 6 Kms almost musical way.
Hotel pickup and drop-off, start 8:30 AM arrival 7 PM, after 90 m. drive you will arrive to Sistelo the Portuguese Tibet and start walkways going down, dirt trail between many alders, but also willows, chamomile, ash, hazel, wild pear, brooms. Plane trees also intrude between us and the river Vez, the exotic botanical garden, the ecovia. However, the river flows beyond this “garden”, waters in its bed during the summer, sometimes so large that they look like banks and the river is just a stream, with its wild waters, easy to go even for children after 7 years old, you can stop your tour at 6 kms in a lagoon when picnic is served, you can swim in cristal waters. All expenses are included.
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