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Embark on a journey to a land where history weaves seamlessly with modern marvels, and where the city of Aveiro beckons with its undeniable charm often referred to as the “Portuguese Venice” nestled by the river delta and caressed by the embrace of the sea, invites you to traverse its picturesque canals, reminiscent of Moliceiro boats that collected seaweed. Immerse yourself in a landscape painted with waterways, where the echoes of a fishing village’s legacy resonate through time. Marvel at the architectural symphony that is the “Art Nouveau” style, harmoniously interwoven into the urban tapestry and the dedicated museum visit will illuminate their stories.Indulgence awaits in the form of an iconic treat, the “ovos moles” a delight to the senses. Savor their sweetness as you pair them with a cup of the finest coffee, a soothing tea, a velvety latte, or even a cherished chalice of port wine.
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